The Bee and The Ladybug

A little drama in the mustard patch...

A honey bee is foraging head-first in the mustard. She's collecting nectar and pollen. She does not see the lady beetle, aka ladybug,  thrust head-first above her.

The honey bee is dusted with yellow pollen. The ladybug, not so much.

The bee moves closer. The ladybug does not move.

If there were any conversations between the two beneficial insects, it might go like this:

Honey Bee: "Hi, ladybug. Let's share the mustard, okay? You take the aphids--I don't eat aphids--and I'll take the nectar and pollen.  Is that all right with you?"

The ladybug does not move. She neither sees nor hears her buzzing companion.

The honey creeps closer.

Honey Bee, louder: "I said, is that okay, ladybug? I'm here for the nectar and pollen! I don't want your aphids!"

Ladybug, mumbling: "Aphids? Don't even think about eating my aphids. Buzz off, will ya?"

The honey bee buzzes off--to find more nectar and pollen.

The drama ends as quickly as it begins.

Another day in the mustard patch.