The Honey Bee and the Praying Mantis

So I'm a praying mantis and being a top-notch real estate developer, I've located the best place in the pollinator garden. I have acquired the proper plans and permits to orchestrate complete control over the property.

Ah, the fragrance of the African blue basil. The tasty nectar. The nutritious meals that await.

The basil is buzzing with bees--bees that think they have property rights. I shall ambush them, grab them with my spiked forelegs (that's part of the environmental impact reports I submitted but it's more impact than anything else), and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  

They're flying all around me. Wow, they are so fast! I think my head is spinning.

Oh, wait, there's breakfast--the first and most important meal of the day. She's flying right toward me.  I'll break the fast and make this fast.

Ah, but the sun feels so good and I haven't prayed yet. Can't breakfast wait?

Epilogue: "Breakfast" did wait. She buzzed by, to live another day. 

(No insects were harmed in the making of these photographs.)