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 2022 Master Gardener Training

Master Gardener trainees dissecting plants in a plant ID class.
Master Gardener trainees dissecting plants in a plant ID class.
We are now accepting applications for our next training that will begin in January, 2022. Applications will be accepted until September 15th, 2021. Learn more about the 2022 training and download the 2022 application. 

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Garden Notes Blog
  • 2022 MG Training
    Now Accepting Applications for our 2022 Master Gardener Training

    Have you always wanted to learn more about gardening? Would you like to have more of a science-based knowledge of gardening? Are you interested in meeting new people that have a similar interest while make a difference in the community? The San...

  • W-GM-SHAL-MP.002
    Pest of the Season

    Blossom End Rot: Blossom end rot is not a disease but a very common environmental disorder many gardeners see every summer. It affects tomatoes, peppers, and cucurbits. Plants with blossom end rot show small, light brown spots at the blossom end of...

  • Bare LED bulb outside at night
    Why the Milky Way Disappeared from View

    Diurnal, or daylight pollinators such as bees and butterflies, have long been considered the champion workhorses in their field; however, a paradigm shift is slowly occurring that brings to the forefront the overwhelming contributions of nocturnal...

  • Bird “netting” over bean seedlings made with repurposed chicken wire
    Hints, Hacks, Common Sense, and Science

    A surprising number of serious gardeners confess to at least one occasion of being stumped by a gardening problem with no obvious answer. There are a number of ways to find an answer, one of which is the SJC Master Gardener Help Line. Master Gardener...

  • AmadorRose
    Amador County’s UCCE Master Gardeners’ Heritage Rose Garden is Ready for “Prime Time”

    Spring has arrived with a vengeance! The Amador County Master Gardeners' Heritage Rose Garden is exploding in blooms and welcomed visitors to their first “official” Open Garden Days on May 15, 2021, and will continue to do so the third...



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