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UCCE Master Gardeners of San Joaquin County

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Water Conservation Tips   

Click here for water conservation tips and tricks and help conserve water!

ACP (Asian citrus psyllid) found in San Joaquin county

You may have heard that ACP (Asian citrus psyllid) was found in Lodi, Manteca and recently Stockton. The Master Gardeners are ready to answer your questions about this invasive pest. Click here to find out how you can help prevent the spread of this unwanted pest and what to do if you think you have it.



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Pruning Tools of the Trade

hand pruner

Have you ever wandered into a garden store, only to be met by a bewildering array of tools hanging from the racks? Most retail garden suppliers stock an impressive variety of hand-operated (non-power) pruning tools, but offer scant guidance on how to...

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 10:58 AM
  • Author: Kathy Ikeda

Winter Weather and Yellowing Leaves

Healthy leaf (top) and leaf suffering from iron chlorosis (bottom)

A stroll through your garden of late may have revealed some plants with yellowing foliage. There are several possible causes, but iron chlorosis, a condition in which a plant deficient in iron cannot produce sufficient chlorophyll, is common at...

Posted on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 10:55 AM
  • Author: Nadia Zane

Why Water-Wise Gardens Look Different

California Fuchsia blooms in summer and attracts many pollinators such as this Valley Carpenter Bee

At a local nursery this past fall, I was excited to find a robust selection of water-wise plants, a reflection of this rapidly expanding market. Another interesting phenomenon, related to me by a nursery employee, was a little less exciting:...

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016 at 5:49 AM
  • Author: Nadia Zane

Valley Gardener's Journal For Year-Round Blooms

The San Joaquin Master Gardeners are excited about the Valley Gardener's Journal For Year-Round Blooms. This garden journal is now available for purchase and is great for any gardener. For more info click here!  

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