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Garden Notes Blog
  • MG Trainees Krista and Debbie at the plant taxonomy class
    Cultivate Your Passion: Enroll in the 2024 Master Gardener Training Class

    If you love to garden, have an interest in lifelong learning, enjoy sharing your knowledge and are committed to community service, the Master Gardener program might be the place for you. The UC Master Gardener Program of San Joaquin County offers...

  • Picture1
    Nurturing Agriculture and Communities: The San Joaquin UC Cooperative Extension

    California's San Joaquin Valley, often referred to as the nation's salad bowl, is a cradle of agricultural abundance. This region, with its fertile soil and temperate climate, has been instrumental in feeding not only the state but also the nation and...

  • 2023 Fall WaterConservation01
    Water Tips for Gardening in Very Hot Weather

    This last year of unpredictable weather of up and down temps, hot and cold, some rain and dry weather, did not bode well for this gardener and maybe not for others. In my neck of the woods of the San Joaquin Valley (Stockton), spring began with...

  • 2023 Fall Pests01
    Pests of the Season - Fall 2023

    WEEDS: Broadleaf weeds  Once they take over your yard, weeds are difficult to manage or eradicate. Pioneer plants, or “weeds”, as we know them, grow in bare soil, and even though they perform fundamental ecological functions like...

  • 2023 Fall GardenChores01
    Fall Garden Chores - October, November, & December

    Gardening provides serenity, exercise, produce, and beauty that changes with the seasons. What's not to love about getting outside, putting our hands in the soil and watching what we plant grow into healthy specimens? Wanting to do a little planting now...



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