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Garden Notes Blog
  • R
    Gifts From the Garden

    Preserving spring and summer flowers, foliage, seed heads, and bracts is a delightfully simple way to accumulate a collection of colorful plant materials from your garden to enjoy throughout the year. Many flowers, seed heads, and some leaves can be...

  • 2023 2Horticultural01
    Horticultural Terms

    PTYXIS, (Botany) noun, pronunciation: Tik'-sis. – the way an individual leaf is folded within a bud, how an immature leaf is creased and bent upon itself within a bud. I have always loved spring as plants unfurl new leaves. It's happening now in...

  • 2023 2WaterintheGarden01
    Water, Water Everywhere but Is That Good for Your Garden?

    Gardeners everywhere must be ecstatic that after the last two years of drought, it's raining. But unfortunately, the abundance of rain has been problematic in many ways, including in our gardens. Spring is around the corner and gardeners with rakes,...

  • 2023 4Feature201
    Color in the Garden

    Ahhhhh Spring! For us gardeners, we can't wait to start planning our gardens and going out there and getting dirty! Our perennials are finally emerging from their winter slumber and the trees are showing their tender new spring leaves! But what about...

  • 2023 2Feature301
    Spring Gardening Tips

    Spring is an excellent time of the year to take inventory of the things needed to prepare the garden for the growing season ahead. These chores may include evaluating the hardscape, thoroughly cleaning the yard, tuning-up tools, testing and feeding the...



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