UC Davis Students Video Their Impressions of Emeriti Presentations

What a great idea!

When UC Davis distinguished professor Walter Leal of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology organized and hosted an emeriti celebration honoring professors who recently transitioned to emeriti, he didn't stop when the presentations ended.

Leal invited his biochemistry students that he's teaching this quarter to summarize, in a short video, one of the emerti lectures.  "I let them decide which one," he said. "They submitted 45 videos and covered all the speakers."  The event, held in the International Center, celebrated 73 faculty who retired in the 2022-2023 cohort.  Chancellor Gary May welcomed the crowd, and paid tribute to the new retirees and their accomplishments.

Butterfly guru Art Shapiro, UC Davis distinguished professor emeritus, who has monitored butterfly populations in Central California since 1972, spoke on "Using Butterflies to Understand Biotic Responses to Climate Change."  He recently retired from the UC Davis Department of Evolution and Ecology faculty, but continues his research with his former doctoral student, Professor Matt Forister of the University of Nevada. Shapiro maintains a research website at https://butterfly.ucdavis.edu. (Read his emeriti presentation on the March 11th Bug Squad blog)

So which student chose to comment on Shapiro's presentation? A butterfly enthusiast: Elly Fry-Ross, a third-year biochemistry and molecular biology major with a minor in psychology. 

And butterflies? "I've always loved butterflies ever since I was little," Elly said, adding that the colors fascinate her.  "My parents used to take me to the rainforest exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences to see the butterflies and hopefully have one land on me!"

And every year on campus, Elly attends the butterfly and moth exhibit at the Bohart Museum of Entomology during the annual UC Davis Biodiversity Museum Day and during the campuswide Picnic Day, which this year is Saturday, April 20.  (This year the Bohart Museum will be closed on Picnic Day, but will move its activities to a pop-up tent at Briggs Hall.)

Elly's career plans? To enroll in a medical school and become a physician. 

See the student videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1LZbErkx28

Emeriti Celebration Links

Morning Session


00:00 Getting ready to start 00:15 Opening remarks, Walter Leal 03:26 Land Acknowledgment 06:35 Chancellor Gary May 8:50 Cal Qualset 11:40 Paul Gepts presentation 42:37 Robert Szabo's impromptu remarks 45:40 Bruce Hammock 47:45 Isaac Pessah 1:15:40 Congratulations on your retirement, Jay Lund! 1:18:12 William (Bill) Lacy 1:22:05 Ines Hernandez-Avila 1:52:59 Ken Burtis 1:57:10 Art Shapiro 2:20:50 Q&A 2:28:50 Art Shapiro's additional remarks 2:29:44 Emeriti Napkin 2:29:57 UCDEA Video Recording Interview

Afternoon Session

00:00 Highlights of the luncheon 01:20 Suad Joseph, UCDEA 13:16 Mont Hubbard 16:40 Simon Cherry 51:44 Jeffery Gibeling 56:52 Subhash Risbud 1:23:25 Snapshot with undergraduate students 1:23:48 Clark Lagarias 1:26:19 Anne Britt 2:00:30 Sascha Nicklisch 2:03:53 Ron Tjeerdema 2:36:30 Edward Callahan 2:40:45 Andres Sciolla 3:09:41 Mary Croughan 3:18:10 Walter Leal 3:18:55 After the event