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Welcome to the San Joaquin County Master Gardeners Community Garden Website


We have created this resource guide as an informational tool to assist those who want to start, rejuvenate, or maintain a community garden.

While we consider these listings reliable gardening sources and have made every effort to determine that the contact information is accurate, San Joaquin County Master Gardeners do not endorse or recommend any resources other than those operating under the auspices of the University of California Cooperative Extension.

Why start a community garden

What Are the Benefits of Community Gardens?
Eating the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables is critical to our health, as it reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. However, Americans are not eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Income is a factor. Residents of underserved urban neighborhoods often lack access to affordable, high-quality fruits and vegetables. As a result, they are less likely to eat the recommended number of servings.

Gardening is one strategy for improving much-needed access to fresh produce. But, many Los Angeles County residents live in apartments or in home where they do not have space for gardening. Community gardens provide space by repurposing vacant land.

Research suggests that community gardeners eat more servings of fruits and vegetables and a greater variety of vegetables than non-gardeners. Gardening is also good exercise, producing additional health benefits.

Other possible benefits exist, beyond the potential for improving the health of participants. Community gardens help to build new community relationships, beautify vacant or blighted land, and create open space for urban neighborhoods that lack green space.

How can we help

Whether you want to start a new garden or are looking for garden support for an existing garden our Master Gardeners are available to consult with your garden team and can help you evaluate your garden site, advise you on garden needs (tools, irrigation, fencing, storage etc.), and offer suggestions on bed size and soil preparation. We can recommend plant material based on the goals of your garden, help you establish compost or worm bins and answer your garden and bug questions. 

All Master Gardeners have been finger-printed and have passed background screening by the California Department of Justice. We follow horticultural practices appropriate within adopted University California Cooperative Extension guidelines and established Integrated Pest Management Techniques.

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Funding can make or break your gardening plans but don’t be too daunted, there are many ways to find the resources you need. Although cash is the most flexible resource, offers of materials and labor can be just as valuable, so be imaginative about who you approach, and open to all suggestions. It is also worth bearing in mind that it’s easier to find funds to start a project than to maintain and develop it, so on-going commitments are particularly valuable.

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