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Herbs in Your Garden - UCCE Stanislaus

Landscaping with Herbs - EHN 15 (PDF 77KB), covers planning and planting an herb garden. UCCE Sacramento Master Gardeners

Culinary Herb Profiles, EHN 70 (PDF 82KB), shows a plant by plant profile of commonly used culinary herbs. UCCE Sacramento Master Gardeners

Lavenders for CA Gardens: informative ANR publication directed to all those who wish to increase their knowledge of lavender.

Other useful sites:

Growing herbs: Grow herbs for fresh flavor in the kitchen and for beauty, fragrance, and beneficial effects in the garden. Bonnie Plants

18 indispensable herbs: Sunsets guide to growing and cooking with basic and gourmet herbs

A sampler of 12 common garden herbs: Sunsets quick facts and care essentials

Raised-box herb garden: Sunsets guide to easy-to-build wood planters provide perfect conditions for growing herbs in tight spaces