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Lawn Care Management

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If you have a question about lawn care or management you have come to the right place. Nothing complements a neat house and a well-kept yard like a green, lush lawn. A healthy lawn depends on a number of different factors: healthy soil, fertilizer application, frequency and height of mowing, aeration, dethatching, irrigation and pest control. A properly managed lawn will stay green and attractive much of the year, minimize environmental impact and consume fewer resources. Properly cultivated lawns can outcompete weeds and other pests requiring little or no applications of chemical pesticides.


UC Guide to Healthy Lawns - Learn about fertilizing, mowing and many other great lawn topics

Choose and identify your turf

Prepare the site and plant turf

Lawn care for new lawns

Lawn care for established lawns

Lawn renovation

Manage pests and identify problems

Key to Identifying Turf Grasses

Key to Identifying Weeds

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Managing Lawns in Shade

Managing Lawns on Heavy Soils

Mowing your lawn and grasscycling

Practical Lawn Fertilization