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Mackenzie Patton

Community Education Specialist
UC ANR: Integrated Pest Management
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618-7774
(530) 297-8577
mfpatton@ucanr.edu Create VCard


MS Plant Pathology, University of California at Davis. 2018
BS Biology, University of Texas at Tyler. 2014


Plant Pathology


Peer Reviewed

  • Bak, A; Nihranz, C; Patton, MKF; Aegerter, BJ; Casteel, CL. (2021). Evaluation of aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) for control of vector-borne diseases in solanaceous crops. Crop Protection. 145:105640.
  • Patton, MKF; Hansen, AK; Casteel, CL. (2021). Potato leafroll virus reduces Buchnera aphidocola titer and alters vector transcriptome responses. Scientific Reports. 11:23931.
  • Patton, MKF; Bak, A; Sayre, JM; Heck, ML; Casteel, CL (2020). A polerovirus, Potato leafroll virus, alters plant–vector interactions using three viral proteins. Plant Cell Environment. 43, 387-399.
  • Bak, A; Patton, MKF; Perilla-Henao, LM; Aegerter, BJ; Casteel, CL (2019). Ethylene signaling mediates potyvirus spread by aphid vectors. Oecologia. 190, 139-148.
  • MKF, Patton; G, Arena; J-P, Salminen; MJ, Steinbauer; CL, and Casteel (2017). Transcriptome and defence response in Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaves to feeding by Glycaspis brimblecombei Moore (Hemiptera: Aphalaridae): a stealthy psyllid does not go unnoticed. Austral Entomology. 57, 247-254.

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